About ScanSource Services

ScanSource Services is a business unit of a two-tier value-added technology distributor that provides professional services to the reseller community, including training and certifications, assessments and implementations, custom configurations, marketing services, and partnership programs.  Do you want to partner with an industry-leading distributor who can help you do more with your business? Then you’re in the right place! Our team of experts, who span a variety of industries and focus on helping resellers like you find efficient and cost-effective ways to grow your business, puts the VALUE in value-added services! Their primary goals are helping you reduce complexity, build efficiency, and get that extra edge on your competition.  And, what reseller doesn’t want help with network assessments and configured systems or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions and new collaboration tools? That’s what we thought, and that’s why ScanSource Services Group is here for you! 

Resellers across the POS and barcode, communications, and physical security technologies leverage us to help drive costs out of their business and save time.  Whether you want to grow your sales funnel, expand service offerings, get your team certified, or find partnerships that create new opportunities, we are dedicated to filling a need in the Channel by offering the right services to help you do it.