End-user businesses are finding it more and more challenging to travel away from the office for meetings due to the increasing costs of travel, and the time constraints associated with being away from the office.  But the need for face-to-face meetings is more essential than ever.  The solution?  Videoconference technology.  Whether it’s through a mobile device, a personal computer, a full room setup with videoconferencing equipment, or a combination of these, here are some solutions that you can offer:

Videoconferencing: We have a variety of different videoconferencing solutions. Solutions that allow you to meet using your web browser, mobile devices, SIP, or H.323. These meeting rooms  and bridging solutions allow meetings to take place regardless of the end point manufacture.

Audio Conferencing: Choose between unlimited or per minute usage with our audio conferencing solutions.

Web Collaboration: This provides businesses an easy way to communicate in real-time via device cameras and an internet connection, no matter the location of the individuals.  It also offers a way to collaborate on documents and file sharing.  These cloud/software-based applications simply require monthly subscription fees per user account.

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