One of the most important offers in a VAR’s cloud portfolio is a backup and disaster recovery solution.  Having such solution enables end users to quickly retrieve critical data when unexpected events happen that could be crucial to their company’s survival.  But why should an end user choose a disaster recovery solution over a hosted backup service? 

Hosted Backup is the activity of copying files or databases to an online location so that the information will be available in case of data loss.  In this scenario, data will have to be sent to the end user if information is lost, and then they will have to re-build data into a physical or virtual server from there.  This can take anywhere from two to four days.

Disaster Recovery is focused on planning and preparing for the continuation of the technology platforms that are vital to an organization’s business operations after a natural disaster or human induced error has occurred.  In this scenario, the data will be available in a tested environment to have the end user up and running within one and four hours on a virtual server.

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