Who is PGi?

PGi is a recognized global leader in cloud-based collaboration solutions, delivering multi-point, real-time virtual meetings using video, voice and file sharing technologies.

Audio Conferencing
  • Reservation Based Hosted Video Bridging
  • Web Collaboration
  • Video Managed Services
When to offer PGi to your customers?
  • Customer is interested in using more video communications
  • Customer wants to cut down IT staff around video
  • Customer doesn’t want to make investment yet in video hardware
  • Needs sporadic video bridging services that doesn’t warrant physical bridge or monthly hosted bridging service
  • They prefer OPEX expense over CAPEX
  • They would like to streamline vendors for audio and web collaboration
Why use PGi?
  • 20 years as a global leader
  • Robust portfolio
  • Strong monthly commissions for life of customer agreement
  • Flexible, willing to work with you to close deals, and no monthly commitments

To setup a call for more information or to see a demo, contact us today cloud@scansourceservices.com